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The annual flu vaccine is a crucial tool in preventing the spread of influenza and protecting public health. For the vast majority of people, getting vaccinated against the flu is a safe and recommended practice. However, there are specific groups of individuals who should exercise caution or avoid receiving the flu vaccine altogether. In this blog, we will explore who should not receive the flu vaccine.

  • Any child who had a mild to severe allergic reaction like skin rashes, urticaria with angioedema, breathlessness etc. after a previous dose of influenza vaccine, or has any severe, life threatening allergies leading to hospitalization to any vaccine component.
  • Any person who had recently or ongoing Guillain Barré Syndrome because this may be exacerbated by flu shot.
  • Children or adults with severe egg allergy or who did not consume eggs throughout life, should receive the vaccine in hospital setting or in continuous monitoring system in presence of a specialist.
  • If any adult or child has mild egg allergy (only rashes), the vaccine may be administered by consulting the specialist in proper settings to manage severe reactions after vaccination if any.

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